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About Carolin

Carolin has a holistic approach in working with communication: she focuses on rhetorics, voice control, modulation and articulation, body language and body posture, micro facial expressions and not least the right mindset. 


Carolin has more than 10 years of experience in giving individual coachings, workshops and courses. She has been working with journalists, actors, CEOs and young business professionals and has helped them improve their communication skills and build a successful career. 

She is the author of the audio book "Maori myths and legends" and the audio play "Die Räuber Remixed". Carolin has written, recorded and produced several other audio plays and podcasts, is a professional audio book narrator and is the host and producer of the radio show "Volta". 

She was born in Berlin and has lived in Australia and New Zealand before she settled in Copenhagen. 



My work as author

Die Räuber Remixed Audible

“The story is extremely exciting. I listened to the audio play almost in one go, just to find out how it ends.”

“Brilliant conversion of the text into modern times, fantastic voices, which bring the characters to life in breathtaking speed. I constantly had the feeling to sit in a theatre. In a very good one.”

“I simply had to drop everything to indulge myself in the excitement!”

”Hats off! To refurbish a classic in a way that it fits into our modern times, in language and content, while keeping the original message is not an easy task. Carolin-Therese Wolff has mastered this with no ifs and buts.”

Recent Releases
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