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Individual Training

All trainings are offered as 1:1 coaching, where we either meet in person or online – all depending on your availabilities. Each coaching session lasts 60 minutes. I offer single sessions and packages of 5 and 10 sessions; the exact outline of the course will be agreed on with you beforehand and tailored to your needs. In all trainings I provide you with practical exercises, background theory and the relevant tools for you. 
Presentation Training

Presentation training


Holding a presentation - no matter if it is a large crowd or only a handful of people - can be challenging and there are many different components to be aware of before you stand on stage. Knowing the right techniques and practicing your presentation will make it a great experience for you and your audience. 

You will learn to: 

  • apply breathing techniques to have a calm and steady breathing

  • be aware of your body language and body posture

  • use your voice with strength without straining it

  • make your presentation interesting with the use of different tempo, intonation, pitch and intensity

  • structuring your presentation

  • come up with catchy phrases 

  • cope with stage fright and stay calm during your presentation

  • stay authentic and not play a role

Voic Training

If you speak a lot in your job - no matter if you are a broadcaster, a teacher or if you facilitate meetings - it is essential to train your voice in a way that you know how to control it properly and avoid straining it.

You will learn to: 


  • find your natural speaking voice

  • speak with strength from your belly and not from your throat

  • avoid common mistakes like talking too pressed, nasal or too narrow

  • modulate your voice and expand your vocal range in speaking

  • take care of your voice and avoid tension in your throat

  • several breathing exercises

  • different speaking styles


Voice Training

Video Training

Video training


Video material is becoming more and more important - both for individuals and businesses. It is a great tool to reach a wide audience and show yourself much more personally than through written text. Training to speak in front of a camera will give you the professionalism you need. ​

You will learn to: 


  • find your personal style and be authentic on video

  • have razor sharp communication

  • use your body language adequately

  • become aware of your micro facial expressions

  • analyze your own videos

  • have a good energy in front of the camera 

  • record good videos of yourself for your business, your project or your job application

Confident Communicatin

Confident Communication

Speaking in front of a group of colleagues - especially senior colleagues - can be demanding and even cause nervousness, stress or anxiety. Through individual coaching sessions and different techniques we try get to the underlying problem, so that you feel confident no matter who you are speaking to. 

You will learn to: 

  • Be able to speak confidently in smaller groups

  • Convey your message clearly

  • Find the source of possible nervousness and how to fight it

  • Imagine anxiety provoking scenarios and overwrite negative thoughts and feelings with NLP techniques

  • Hold team presentations

  • Facilitate a meeting

  • Communicate confidently with senior colleagues

Interview Training

Interview training


An interview is more than asking and answering to questions. It is first and foremost a connection between two people. The more at ease you are with the other person, the more natural it will feel to hold this special form of communication. This training applies to both: those who plan on interviewing someone as well as to those who will be interviewed. To ask exactly the right questions and answer only that what you want to say craves good preparation and thorough training. 

As interviewer you will learn to: 


  • create a good atmosphere for you and your interview partner

  • come up with relevant questions

  • find a good structure for your questions

  • intervene with spontaneous follow-up questions

  • ask critical questions

  • interrupt politely

  • deal with difficult interview partners

As interviewee you will learn to: 

  • appear relaxed and confident

  • be  prepared for possible questions

  • handle difficult questions with ease

Podcast Production

Telling a story through spoken word is a great way to reach through to your audience in a vivid and personal way. Knowing the right technical and dramaturgical skills will help you packing your ideas into an exciting and captivating format. 

You will learn to: 

  • develop your ideas into a concrete concept

  • get a feeling for story telling

  • put your concept in script form

  • speak into a microphone and use your voice adequately

  • edit your voice recordings

  • assemble your podcast with sounds and music


Podcast production

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