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Master Your Presentations
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Public Speaking & Presentation Training is the key to confident and authentic communication. Train your voice, body language and storytelling abilities to captivate your audience and make a lasting impression.


Confident Communication​

Presentation Skills

Voice Training

Leadership Development

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Helping people improve

communication skills across

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many different industries

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true 360 communication

Communication is not only about our choice of words - it is everything we show of ourselves to others. Consciously or unconsciously. We leave an impression of ourselves not only based on what we say, but also on how we say it: Our body posture, tone of voice and the fine nuances in our gestures and facial expressions. In my trainings I work with all of these different aspects to equip you with the tools you need in order to be a great communicator.

A keynote speaker using his presentation skills to appear calm and confident at a ted talk.



Become an excellent presenter and deliver your message with self confidence, charm and authenticity. Master the use of your voice and body language and learn the rhetorical tools to create the right atmosphere for your audience.

Voice Training

Start using your voice professionally. Learn to control your breathing, your vocal strength and how to be able to speak for a long time without overstraining your voice. This training benefits a great range of professions - from audio book narrators and broadcasters to teachers and sales personnel. 

The public speaker’s perspective on stage, behind the microphone, in front of a big audience.
Broadcaster preparing to go live by applying breathing techniques to stay calm and confident.

Video training

Train to stand in front of a camera and feel comfortable when it really matters. Learn to employ your body language and become aware of your micro facial expressions, so that you come across natural, personal and professional. 

Confident Communication

Become a confident speaker in your job and everyday situations. Fathom the origin of possible anxiety and learn techniques to fight nervousness when holding work presentations, so that you feel relaxed and comfortable when you speak in front of others.  

Leader facilitates meeting at work with confident body language and authentic communication
Executive leader presenting with confidence and clearly communicates his message in an interview.

Interview training

Navigate through your interview with ease and convince with quick-wittedness. Learn to easily structure your content, find the right choice of words and not least create a connection between you and your communication partner - no matter what side of the interview you’re standing on.


Bring your project to life and create your own podcast.

I will guide you through the entire production process - from developing your concept to the finished product. You learn to incorporate your ideas into script, use your voice adequately for microphone and work with audio editing software to make your podcast sound professional. 

Podcast production studio with microphone and podcast production tools on the computer.

goal-oriented self development

When you are working on something as individual as your voice and your body language, you are not only learning a new skill set - you are developing yourself as a person. It is one thing to understand a method intellectually, but it is another to understand it emotionally. Therefore I work very closely together with my participants and provide feedback that can be implemented at once. It is important to me to create a safe environment with a relaxed and dynamic atmosphere, so that you can grow beyond yourself and show yourself as the person you want to be seen as. 

About carolin

working with communication as a whole

Carolin has a true 360 approach. She is a specialist in voice modulation, body language and rhetorics, which she applies in all her trainings.

Carolin has been coaching for more than 10 years and is a writer as well as speaker. She is educated as radio and TV broadcaster and has a university degree in linguistics and philosophy.  

She teaches in English, Danish and German. 

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